Friday, 29 January 2010

Development of 'Intervention'

My interest lies with Applied Ethics and how this is applied to both the public and private of both the average daily life and the more general socio-poliitical issues of society.

In my first semester I developed my summer book project into a professionally bound piece and edited which of my photographs to include in the work to create this sense of
'Intervention'. The interference that modern medicine plays in the lives of the mentally/physically handicapped was acknowledged in my use of placing the objects that we used at the camp within the surrounding landscape that both the staff and campers had spent time. I believe that this project merely scraped the surface of a bigger issue that has a lot more room for development and I would like to apply the ideas of ethics to this subject further.

I would like to develop it into looking at issues of the private and public. And how people in the care industry take 'authority' over those who they believe to be less able. The 'authority' in question that I am focusing on at present is the authority over pieces of private/confidential/personal information that is uneccessarily shared when one is working it the care-industry.

Why is private information shared when it is not necessary in the treatment/care of a person? Who's right is it to share this information? Why can they intervene and share this information?

Do they believe they are being ethical in sharing this confidential information?

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