Sunday, 28 February 2010

W. Eggleston

I love you.

William Eggleston is an American photographer and he is widely credited with securing recognition for colour photography as a legitimate artistic medium to display in art galleries - so basically where would every lazy art student be without Eggleston bringing photography to prominence.

Eggleston is an artist who people have commented that my work parallels in many ways. I had never come across his work until a tutor pointed this out at the beginning of third year after completing my first attempt at my book Intervention. His work that is most similar to mine is his work The Democratic Forest.

A fantastic in convo

I received a second hand copy of The Democratic Forest for my 21st birthday and it was one of my favourite presents, that I really cherish - though really expensive (even second hand) it's a definite worth while investment and every time I look at it I find something that I never noticed in the mundane brilliance of Eggleston's photographs.

Check out his website tis ace.

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