Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"Totally Tropical Man"

My 3rd Yr Assessment

Fallen Dear Video Installation with none other than the granny rug - you have served me well.

Throw Aways Video Installation with strange chair that makes a great noise when your ass makes the air compress inside the seat.

Me shelfs et al

Blank Envelope - left the viewer with the ethical decision whether to learn more about the items presented. Zines - love of my life. Objects - cents, wax ear protectors in casing, grit from the stick insect enclosure, part of a happy meal toy, a piece of wall, soup and crackers mug.

Main Shelf -
Essence of wet dog from Animal Therapy Video, latex gloves (as they come out of the packet, one inside the other), comode bucket with LED lights and cellotape (detail from Fallen Dear installation), sheeps skull on top of a hygiene mask, incontinence pad covered by insulation tape, backscratcher and above stick insect enclosure.

Small Publications - Above
Throw Aways Series notes in a concise, "anonymous" presentation in a book bound by insulation tape. Below - cover of the Throw Aways Book, on the right my original book Intervention.

The books were presented on a great (what I think is a) book stand, which I found a couple of weeks ago and stuck a piece of wood to.

Align Centre

Lower wall - wheel chair leather seat base and two photograms (one abstract shape, the other a wing of a bug).

Far wall - Comode hung from the wall

The infamous gelatine scultpures from the
Throw Away series.

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