Sunday, 27 June 2010

Antony Gormley shook my hand the other day

Went to a talk he was giving in honour of the opening of his 6 Times project in Edinburgh and he just came up to me and my mum as we were leaving and shook our hands and thanked us for coming - what a nice millionaire with great taste in scarves.

I think it's a really great project for Leith and the surrounding walk ways, I've always thought they were screaming out for some artistic interventions to take place - sadly Gormley got there before me.

After hearing him talk with past images of his work, I began to realise that the work that personally stands out to me is that which is not obviously based on the human form. His sculptural work that plays with the pshycology of space such as Breathing Room is much stronger conceptually but this is not what he is renowned for, it does not come anywhere near the same hype that such works as You have in the popularity stakes of contemporary art.

There is an universal appeal attatched to most work that is noticeably based upon the human form, that in my opinion is not really pushing any boundaries within contemporary sculpture. His most recently newsworthy pieces are fibre glass humans on plinths, what are the plinths made of - Manhattan skyscrapers - good taste Gormley?

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