Thursday, 4 November 2010

Blown-up Litter Bin

Thanks to my bro and his friends (with a little monetary bribary) I managed to get a hold of this blown up public litter bin (blown-upness provided by the local deliquents) from the cycle path near my home. They managed to get a forty year old fishing acquaintance from the Water o' Leith with a bike to take it partly home, who my bro assured me "isnae a paedo!" Anyhoo managed to get to the main road just by my house where then five of us managed to get it in my ma and pa's new car, finally got it in and my mum drove it round the corner to our house. Then we sat down and had a cup of tea and then my mum began to spaz out going "your dad is going to go ballistic once he see's that foosty thing!" So then I managed to rope some neighbours into getting it out the car 10minutes before my dad got home from work. Got it out into the front garden and pa is none the wiser. Just now got to work out how to get it all the way to my studio in Dundee?!

It's awesome it is melted aluminium and has the contents of the bin (such as the above cans) embedded in what looks like metalic frozen lava.

I walked past this everyday on my way to work over the summer and I just thought I'd try and grab before the council found funds to up-heave it and replace it (unlikely though!)

Aesthetically as a object of destruction it's fantastic, not to sure it's placement within my work but I just bloody love it even if it does weigh a ton!

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