Friday, 19 November 2010

I've fallen in love

Had an interesting lecture about this this week by Stephen Partridge, it was on a topic which really intrigues me and is getting written up in my dissertation - the lack of archiving of works in film/digital/technological based mediums. And it just so happens by absolute chance the day before I had got out the dvd's and essay that accompany the archive. Fell totally in love with the TV Interruptions of David Hall. There were seven of them shown in 1971 and they were literal surreal television interruptions broadcasted on Scottish Television.

Stills from Interruptions 71'

I've realised the reason why I love video art so much, it's because the majority of it is alienating, a yawn-a-thon and long. Thus when I see a piece such as Hall's, Grimonprez's or this video which I saw last night by Oliver Laric, I find it unique, utterly refreshing and wonderful;

However, last night's viewing of video art at the DCA was really quite a let down. Yes it was true I was shown an array of films which could be perceived as being the "popular" of the "What makes art popular, what makes popular art?" Yet the non-in-conversation which took place at the end between invited curator Polly Staple and artist James Richards made video art seem as though how I believe the majority of the public perceive it as a form of non-art, a copyist, easy-peasy, shallow medium in both it's creation and concepts. I'm perfectly aware that "I feel as though we've just had a visual over-load", yes thanks for pointing that out Ms Staple - we were all in the same auditorium, please say something interesting, perhaps even profound about video art, instead of wasting my time and talking as if your on the fucking School of Saatchi programme (I mean at least the arse-holes on that appear to have as much depth in thought as a jelly fish but I'm going to assume that is because of the good editing skills of the BBC). Staple is on the jury for the 2010 Turner Prize and I really hope she's more freekin decisive in picking the winner of that than she is at a frickin in conversation in which I guess she is supposed to prompt the artist with some interesting questions. I'm seriously not bothered with "so do you want to talk about collage?", yes we are all quite aware that he uses collage in his work i.e. like the majority of video artists he cuts and paste found media footage.... doesn't exactly push the boundaries of what is popular video art today. Please someone give the woman a shot of espresso! TOOL.

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