Wednesday, 26 January 2011


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  1. you asked me about mail art but your email did not work so I post it here, you can cancel it after reading...

    Hi Holly

    mail art is the easiest thing ever, send out your works and sure you will get mail art in your post box sooner or later, f.ex. try the mail art calls out there and sure some of them will send you a mail art back. That is all to know.
    If you like I can send you a first mail art to get the mail art virus runnig - any interest?

    Von: "holly yeoman"
    Gesendet: 26.01.2011 21:05:11
    Betreff: Mail Art

    Hi Roland,
    I am a Fine Art and Philosophy student in my last year in the Scottish city of Dundee. And would love to begin mail arting. How do I begin? Really love your blog by the way.
    All the best, look forward to your response.