Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hertie Querty

Still from Currall's Word Processing 1995

Was in Glasgow yesterday and went to the GoMA exhibition Hertie Querty. The title is from old Scots. 'Hertie' means persons fond of fun, and merry. 'Querty ' means in good spirits, full of fun and mischief. Has to be said I enjoyed it a lot more than Childish Things at the Fruitmarket which I found completely predictable and not all that fun. My only gripes with GoMA is it is beginning to look a bit shabby i.e. grubby interpretation books, a little dingey and the interpretation placards for the viewer read as though written for three year olds (but perhaps that says more of the Glaswegian clientèle than anything else)...

However, these things can all be forgiven, but what can't is there over-zealous publicity of "woohooooooo David Shrigley studied at Glasgow School of Art and still lives in Glasgow, woooooohooooooooo, aren't we lucky!" Chill out eh. He ain't all that. For instance I was intrigued by the video work of Alan Currall. One video which had to be listened to through headphones and were actually the most endearing pieces but sadly it was drowned out by Shrigley's naive vids which were being blared through the gallery, a complete distraction from the other works on offer.

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