Monday, 14 February 2011

Hot Air

Image taken by Jimmy the caretaker at Cloverpatch Camp Summer 2010 (the camp which I worked at in 2009). I have used these activity images (better than any activity I ever managed to organise, most of mine seemed to involve balloons of a different nature, filled with water, used on a take on baseball...) in my Zine/Poster series thus far and in some mail art (however, I am seeing mail art as separate from the work that is in motion for the prospective degree show). I have appropriated the images Jimmy has given me and I have really enjoyed using someone else's images because you gain a different perspective and a sense of a lack of awareness of camera use - something which as an art student we are all too horribly aware of. So I hope to continue to use other's images in my work, breaking down notions of the hierarchy of image.

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