Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I've stopped having a meltdown (I think)

So since dissertation hand-in I have been at quite a loss with what to do with myself and have found that I have lost all sense of passion to create work, to the extent a couple of days ago I proclaimed to anybody who would listen that I was going to "leave NOW. Happily with a 3rd degree". Yesterday I felt the same way until I went to a lecture by Sandy Moffat, it wasn't that he said anything spectacular but it was more the topics with which he was discussing are appropriate for the direction I want my work to take over the next final two months i.e. discussing the social role of the artist in conjunction with thoughts applicable to artist's manifesto's.

Stuff said;

AHM Blog
MacDiarmid's manifesto - how he had nothing to lose because he had nothing therefore he could say what he wished
What's really important about art? Scottish government and Art councils responsibility?
The age of extremes
The cultural significance of musicality
Bellany and Moffat's manifesto stance - "can't beat the idea of a pamphlet when it comes to the artist's manifesto."
"We want to say something about our own culture, not America"
Georg Baselitz manifesto
Bellany not aware of Baselitz work at the time but working in similar socio-political schemas
"Content always before form"
Question of language - poetry
John Bellany represents a amalgamation of talent that is universally understandable, his work communicates the environment he was brought up in, represents a realism, a core strand of society and sense of community.
Alasdair Gray, visual ideas and the artist oddball

A portrait of the artist as an old man: Alasdair Gray, by himself

(lovin his steezin style)

Margaret Hunter - the ability to make art about Scotland even though in another country
The demise of the intellectual, philosophy, stagnation of politics and artists getting into bed with the wrong people
"You won't find an artist in an art school in the future..."
Manifestos allow a platform for the artist voice, what do they want to give voice to?

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