Friday, 4 February 2011

Reminded me of Ikea but in the best possible way...

The Marc Camille Chaimowicz show at Inverleith house did not fail to disappoint. Inverleith you never fail to disappoint - I am yours always and forever. The exhibition acknowledges Inverleith House’s original use as a private residence, escentuating a playful quirkyness with domestic scale and the nature of light and airey space of its rooms. His work has referenced the cultural and societal upheavel in the late 60's and into the 70's in his hometown of Paris. He uses the private/public/domesticated areas of life, often culturally associated with the female existence in blurring the lines of cultural stigmas. His use of feminity and homelyness explores notions of a freedom from cultural constraints whilst also maintaining a sense of control through colour and the crisp curves of the furniture used. Big up babes!

Installation view - Dovecot (for I.H.) 2010; Man Looking Out of A Window, 1984 (2006)

Installation view - Here and There, 1978 (2009)

Also M. Camille Chaimowicz reminded me of this artist who I would quite like to employ as my personal interior designer when I've made my fortune.

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