Thursday, 10 March 2011


I like to dress smart when at college (when I say smart, I just look less scaffy than everyone else but today being an exception, went to a 2hr zumba marathon last night and have been feeling unable to function ever since, this includes being able to pick out a half decent outfit), think it makes you memorable. Started putting in the Saturdays at college and it's bloody great, empty and I can't be distracted by my incessant need for the attention of my peers/lecturers. Last Saturday felt like a real artist cause of my footwear. I've noticed over the past few years, you can always tell a really good artist cause they've just given up on footwear and are like "yeah so what I'm wearing my runners with a really crisp shirt, I'm fuckin great and too busy too care."

I was however on the way to the gym via a few hours at the art coll last Saturday and although my Nike gym shoes are v comfortable and supportive, I'm not sure I'm at the stage of being that fuckin great and too busy too care. I think I should get my smart on again.

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