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Some key visual aids of my own practice and others and influential texts for a presentation I gave to my classmates and lecturers about where my thoughts and creations have taken me since dissertation.

"retro fascination"

"only nostalgia endlessly accumulates"

Video and Still from One Day in America video installation

Ars Industrialis: International Association of Industrial Policy and Mind Technologies

“It is such a context that the question of care can be posed in a new and political way, not confined to the medical field or the ethical field: the question of care must go to the heart of political economy – and with it, clearly, a new cultural, educational, scientific and industrial political culture capable of taking care of the world. This is why we propose as an axiom of our reflections that – as the first meaning of the verb “economiser” say, and as at bottom each of us knows – to economise means first of all and before anything else to take care.”

McLuhan's and Fiore's The Medium is Massage

The Spectacle is 'not a collection of images,' but rather 'a social relation between people that is mediated by images.'


Superflex stages unconventional artworks that use social intervention as a means of calling attention to such issues as democratization, environmentalism, and consumerism.


Superflex has collaborated with Danish and African engineers to construct a simple, portable biogas unit that can produce sufficient gas for the cooking and lighting needs of an African family. The system has been adapted to meet the efficiency and style demands of a modern African consumer. It is intended to match the needs and economic resources that we believe exist in small-scale economies. The orange biogas plant produces biogas from organic materials, such as human and animal stools. For a modest sum, an African family will be able to buy such a biogas system and achieve self-sufficiency in energy. The plant produces approx. 4 cubic metres of gas per day from the dung from 2-3 cattle. This is enough for a family of 8-10 members for cooking purposes and to run one gas lamp in the evening.
"Superflex Biogas in Africa" installation at The Louisiana Exhibition 1997. The results from the pilot installation in Tanzania 1997 were shown in the museum. The museum was a main sponsor of the first biogas installation in Tanzania.

Work made by Consumers with me when working as an Arts and Crafts leader in Upstate New York

Tommy from Aestheticizing the Workplace print series


Detail from Constants and Variables 2010

'The idea of empowering the viewer - any viewer, independent of his or her origin, culture or education...'

'... what I care about is letting the viewer know that they're what is important...'

Extracted from: Stephen Willats, Multichannel 

Workshop – Practice in the Art Museum, 

Control Magazine Issue 16, 2001

Within the institutional reality in which contemporary 
art predominately currently exists, a realm of art museums, 
art journals, art schools, art collectors etc., there is still 
an innate aversion to the agencing of practices in art 
that are founded on the complexities of social exchange. 
Thus the ‘art museum’ is represented as a context that 
defines a social environment that from the outside is to be 
looked up to as a symbol of transmissional authority, and 
from the inside operates as a modus operandi for 
society’s institutions that is increasingly at odds 
with the social processes of exchange that are actually shaping modern daily life.

Stephen Willats: Positive Feedback

"...Intervening in the fabric of society."

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