Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mobile Land (Bach's got a Text)

Still image from Mobile Land (Bach's got a Text) - a video recorded from the internet, reworked, then imported to a mobile device then recorded again for final degree show installation (viewed on a mobile device, fingers crossed my ex-phone can stay alive till then and for the duration).

The reworking and re-recording of this piece of footage "retrofies" it whilst also making it indecipherable of when and where it could be. Presented on a mobile it loses more of its texture, caught between being a still and a moving image, the exact opposite of what one is used to when viewing digital work, this lack of visual and contextual information is something which we are becoming more and more unfamiliar in the dichotomy between the information technology age.

This work will be one of many video pieces which acts as a guide to more personal narratives within my work  juxtaposed to the broader themes found in the presentation of the clerical, bespoke, house-hold and out and out fugly of some of the objects installed. Themes surrounding thoughts on inclusion, neglection, preservation, stagnation, ignorance, education, communication, knowledge, obligation and responsibility in relation to under-exposed strands of existence.

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