Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Over the past year I have been trying new ways of creating low-fi techniques through digital mediums. This can be first seen with my work from last semester DVD's for the Enthusiast(these were just experiments) in which I miss-matchedly appropriated music and moving image that reminded me of my working environments over the past two years. The process involved sourcing the material online and recording it on my camcorder. It creates a small sense of visual distortion and screen residue which gives it an "older"quality than if one is just "screen grabbing". I went onto develop this technique further through playing around with light and angles (hence if you look closely in many of my vids you may glimpse a Holly ghost) and through sometimes using the secondary footage found on my recorder device to create an even more "retro" feel to my appropriation which can be found in my films which come under the banner ONE DAY IN AMERICA. I've used few Final Cut Pro effects to achieve the aesthetic, opting to reinforce ideas of simplistic techniques in harmony with digitisation. This aesthetic offers a greater sense of a more visually historic time whilst also presenting scenarios for viewer identification with the sound and images.

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