Saturday, 16 April 2011

That time there was a big storm and the tree fell down on top of the basketball courts

This documentation though not being directly used in my video work is crucial in the linking of personal narratives within the context of the "language of things" in the exhibiting of objects. Through using the "fragmented" image which in the digital era we have become so accustomed to, through such avenues as social networking and blogging, I am using my own footage and images with images taken by friends to act as a means to appropriate others footage to communicate ideas about a specific day I was working in America in summer 09'. Specifically - 25/6/09.

This documentation was taken exactly 1 year on from this date in Edinburgh just outside my home. I was home alone, had just got in from work, it was roughly 10.45pm I should think. It was high time the dog should be relieving herself, so off we went for a stroll with my video camcorder which was mightily difficult cause it was still rather gusty. It felt necessary to document this because it was a place I spent a lot of my time as a teen but of course I did not realise that in future months to come it/this day would instigate a whole section/facet of my degree show.

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These dates act as a signifier to me of a time which has been totally eclipsed by the media portrayal of another event which also in turn examines how in this age of self-cultivation we are in actual fact waylaying the significance of time, place and memory and prioritising "collective" experience as a means to succeed and conform.


teenage memories with AK

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