Saturday, 14 January 2012

Barter (initial developments)

My friend and fellow Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practices graduate Katie Reid blogged about an idea to do with the notion of bartering. Katie and I have been wanting to do a project together for a while, after working on A CUT A SCRATCH A SCORE. We have been bouncing ideas over the past week and seem to be firming up an opportunity for us to devise an open structure that involves limitations (hate to use a word like that), we hope to get artists participating through "anonymous" internet connections and that aesthetic and concept will be a bartering process - something either has to be added by another/others, swapped or taken away altogether from their original idea/aesthetic, brought about by email discussions between each other. We will be examining the information age, the way in which we gather and exchange knowledge through questionable authorship and dialogue.

It could be seen either as subverting our understanding of information in the digital age or underlining what knowledge is withheld.

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