Thursday, 26 April 2012

barter manifesto 2012

-          barter invites artists to exchange ideas through a communicative process//art is everyone’s capacity

-          instigated by artists katie reid and holly knox yeoman//imbued with joseph beuys’ and associates’ teachings with support from richard demarco and his archive

-          an internet forum facilitates virtual bartering space //allows questions to be asked//open dialogue//democratic discussion

-          ownership//value//social interaction//acquisition of knowledge

-          social sculpture

-          process//activity//progress//ability will be recorded examining the personal wealth art can provide the individual and the collective whole//kunst ist kapital

-          artists will give//swap//change//take away ideas

-          a currency of ideas//questions//aesthetics//concepts

-          multiple authors participate in the online exchange//determining visual outcomes//critique//sustaining relationships and subsequent working methodology

-          global dialogue

-          an event informed by communication and development of ideas between participants has the capacity to facilitate wider discussion//understanding//re-contextualisation of the connections made through the then-removed structure of the forum

-          barter’s real space translation has the potential to mark another stage of the project//allowing for further dialogue surrounding value//ownership//authorship//information access in the digital age//sociological wealth of this exchange

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