Tuesday, 24 April 2012

[Katie Reid]: Boris Gerrets' - 3 Films

Boris Gerrets' - 3 Films currently showing at Centrespace, VRC, Dundee provides a fantastic opportunity to watch his award-winning film 'People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am', (2010).


Gerrets' film, shot entirely on his mobile phone, allows the viewer an insight into the lives of three people who, like us all, are trying to find their way.

Gerrets introduces the film with the question; "What would it be like to enter into the life of a complete stranger?" But the honesty and respect that the 'strangers' he films give him - accompanied with the close proximity caused by filming on a mobile phone - means that the film presents an intimate portrait of their lives, loves and lies.

A series of tangled relationships are explored - Sandrine, a Brazilian woman searching for a better life in London with a list of 7 potential husbands, a father discussing the daughter he abandoned and is yet to meet as an adult, his intoxicating (and mostly intoxicated) relationship with Precious, the subsequent failure of that relationship, the overarching concern that Gerrets' has for the people he films and his love affair with Sandrine, but most significantly the emotional reunion of Sandrine with her child as she returns to Brazil and tells him she will 'never ever ever leave' again.

If anything was staged or manipulated or to what level post-production affected the narrative,  I don't know. But the stories feel real, and probably all the more so for their grainy quality, lack of swish camera effects and the closeness that occurred naturally between the filmmaker and his 'strangers'.

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