Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quality Gran Email

'Could you give me some idea of what you would like to have put on the family tree - re. occupation, for many of you I am uncertain how to briefly, in one or two + words give and idea of your aspirations but also relate to the now ie. for you I wonder between Uni intern, Gallery Ass. archiver, carer for disabled????? We so admire how you have responded to the universally difficult period of history.'

Int she a cutey. The reason I post this is because I want to make some work about what she rather grandiosely puts as '...universally difficult period of history' because it seems I have had quite a unique experience in trying to make money/have some form of a life. But I want to relate this to how certain jobs are seen as sociologically better or more worthy of praise yet are not financially rewarded. Whereas jobs in cultural involve working often in a voluntary post, or with few hours yet well paid with a resonance that one should feel lucky to have such a position with bountiful kudos received when everything seems to be going the right (response) way to what you have had either minor or major involvement with.

I particularly like how my gran calls me a Gallery Ass - should probably just go with that.

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