Sunday, 6 April 2014

Studio Jamming: Artists' Collaborations in Scotland

Cooper Gallery, Dundee
30th June - 2nd August 2014 (Preview 28th June)

Taking its cue from the live improvised excitement of musical jamming, Cooper Gallery presents Studio Jamming: Artists’ Collaborations in Scotland; the first discursive survey to foreground the grassroots character of artists’ collaboration that has contributed to the remarkable achievements of contemporary art in Scotland.
Among the highlights of Studio Jamming is the presentation of new works from artists’ collaborative groups including Graham Eatough & Graham Fagen, Full Eye, Ganghut and Henry VIII’s Wives
Adopting a diverse curatorial approach the project is comprised of exhibitions, a dynamic event series and a Group Critical Writing Residency, culminating in a 12-hour Jamming Symposium.
Studio Jamming is set to re-search, annotate, contextualise and celebrate artists’ collaboration as a particular phenomenon of artistic practice in Scotland. The key ingredient for this process is The Hub, an architectural intervention constructed in and around Cooper Gallery that is to be designed by Studio Miessen led by Markus Miessen, an alumni of GSA and now a leading thinker in Critical Spatial Practice. Developing as a live critical discourse, The Hub acts as a collaborative ‘site’ where artists, writers, architects, educators, researchers, performers, cultural thinkers and participants present, reflect upon and elaborate the possibilities and histories wrapped up in artists’ collaborations. 
Offering a vital platform for presenting and disseminating new critical writing, the Group Critical Writing Residency, edited by Maria Fusco, invites emerging writers in Scotland to produce new textual works on collaboration and collectivity. The Residency is marked by a live Group Critical Reading event in which the writers will give their work a public voice. Centered on Declarations presented by artists’ collaboration groups from all over Scotland, Studio Jamming culminates in the 12-hour Jamming Symposium that is jammed with keynote talks, gigs, performances and screenings.
Studio Jamming: Artists' Collaborations in Scotland - is part of GENERATION, this summer's landmark series of exhibitions tracing the remarkable development of contemporary art in Scotland over the last 25 years. 

NEWS ///  1 APRIL 2014: Cooper Gallery are inviting submissions from writers based in Scotland for the Group Critical Writing Residency and a Call for Declarations from Artists' Collaborative Groups in Scotland for the 12-Hour Jamming Symposium:

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