Sunday, 6 July 2014

Notes from FIELDWORK: Reports on Event Curating

30th June 

1st July 
  • Vivian Ziherl report: feminist position; Ponch Hawkes' These Women have just run twenty-six miles, originally published in feminist art magazine LIP; Stedelijk inaugural Public Program performance event Stage It!; an experiment that became an institution - If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution; episodic programme - overflow, speculation and return - dissemination; the curator extrapolating from the artist something which was not there before; opportunistic institution because not fixed vs. sustaining its responsiveness; grounding itself through self-initiated, affiliated reading groups - different sets of texts, cross-pollination - the next thoughts coming; Landings - a research, event and exhibition based series co-curated with Natasha Ginwala; resurfacing histories of communities, decolonisation of politics; liberal feminism - strategic essentialism vs. essential position - position of mobility/agility in the "category of women"; Landings: the absent administrator - Approaching Absenteeism, Tropenmuseum; Landings: Sensing Grounds; The negative practice of curators/institutions outsourcing responsibility to artists. 

Seaton Cliffs and Auchmithie coastal walk

  • Gerrie Van Noord's Dissemination group, Parallel Conversations Part I: who to tell and why...; editor = disseminator; idealised/intuitive relationship with dissemination - creating publications rather than being instantaneous.

2nd July
  • Sam Korman report: Whiteflag1 Nite Stand, St Louis; hierarchy, audience/performer, authenticity; reconciliation of a complex history, no inherent community; accepted difference; irresponsible; counter public space - proletarian space vs. the institution.

  • Sarah Cook's Critical Framing group, Parallel Conversations Part II: "Curating: arresting a practice to show it"; curatorially and spatially choreographing. 

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