Thursday, 18 March 2010

C. Meireles

Babel, 2001

Serie Descalza, 2002

His work predominantly deals with themes of repression and oppression that Brazil was/is subject to through politics.

He is interested in getting the viewer to interact with the work.

Similarly to Haim Steinbach Meireles is interested in using objects that are in circulation and have a value within culture. After the 60's he became involved in political art and in the 70's he developed a political art project aimed to reach a wide audience whilst avoiding censorship by using everyday objects. Insertions Into Ideological Circuits was achieved by printing images and messages onto the items, such items as Coca-cola bottles which prevented them from being destroyed.

The co-curator for his exhibition at the Tate Modern (09') Guy Brett said ‘A work by Meireles often starts in a commonplace, usually domestic object, or a childhood memory, which becomes transmuted into a perceptual, philosophical, even a cosmological speculation, without, however, losing its grit, its roots in social reality – a reality often harsh but marked by human resilience and inventiveness.’

I dig that.

A nice wee Q&A with the dude.

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