Wednesday, 24 March 2010

S. Dong

Waste Not (Established 08', Installed MoMA, NYC)

wu jin qi yong

This was probably one of the most interesting things I came across when at MoMA during the Summer. It was an overwhelming accumulation of collectables from his and his mothers past. Waste Not is a defining philosophy for a certain generation of China however this installation takes it to the extremes of hoarding or even an obsession, something that I can identify with when it comes to objects. It's a 'residue' of 50yrs of life based upon materiality but also highly personal. This work similarly to my shelf piece seems to diffuse the hierarchy of the materials used, there are scraps of cloth, bundles of newspapers, old appliances, bottles etc all of which may or may not hold any meaning.

The Attic Archive

Today I visited The Attic Archive in Dundee after going to the exhibition Moving Images opening at the Cooper Gallery, this again is a collection of items but by three different identities... it's all thoroughly mysterious. It's really intriguing and brings about questions of what is art, the identity/persona of the artist, collaboration and documentation. The exhibition also creates an interesting dialogue between mix of media's especially in a digital age.

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  1. ooh i saw this did, you not really want to steal something from it?