Monday, 29 March 2010

J. Durham

I've signed up to help out at GSS for a few days in April , as yet I don't actually know what this entails probably just some invigilating and maybe helping out with workshops and whatever else is going on. Jimmie Durham has a 3mnth residency for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, the exhibition is called Universal Miniature Golf (The promised Land) and it seems to be based upon really interesting ideas about land and politics. It's on from the 17th April- 31st July and well it's going to be AWESOME.

Last Friday some of us who are helping out went through to the studio to meet Jimmie and to show him some of our work. It was very relaxed and he was really interesting to listen to - full of wisdom about well I'm not sure what about. But he seemed like a DUDE. And he said he liked my work which always confirms a DUDE.

Jimmie is a visual artist, and also a political activist and an essayist. In the ‘60’s and ‘70s he dedicated his time to theatre and performances, and since the ‘80s he was been creating strange objects, assemblages and installations that find their principal source in his Native culture - American Indian.

Not Joseph Beuys' Coyote, 1990

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