Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mine Ah, Mine Ah, Mine Ah....

ZINE AH...!?

So I've decided to make a series of zines.

But Holly why do something like that?

Cause I want to. Yeah, that's right, cause I want to.

But also because I mainly work with objects there is a certain alienation within my work. Though I am partial to a bit of alienation. To some extent my work does start from a place of resistance and I do create a barrier between the viewer and the work. What can I say I like a bit of privacy. But at the same time I have been wanting to create something that is much more personal but not obviously sentimental and last semester I was really struggling with where to take these ideas. So I have become quite interested in the idea of artist books, small publications and zines because they are immediate, cheap and accessible.

So what's actually in your zine?


Cool Stuff. It is mainly some of my research from semester 1 and 2 from my sketch/scrap books/travel diaries. There is information on certain disorders/disabilities/handicaps that interest me or that I have had first hand experience, collated images, drawings, mementoes, photographs, little stories about people who I hold a strong memory towards.

Is this not a bit of a contradiction from the acknowledgement of the private and personal in your work?

Well yes I suppose it is.

But I want to create an audience for my work, it's not enough for me just to create work for an end of year deadline that only a couple of people are going to see. Nothing like having an audience/platform to show your work to get you actually making some work. This semesters work is largely based upon experience but also research and it is mainly my thoughts since having this experience and my strong interest in research that I want to share. I'm hoping that this strange amalgamation of images and texts will prompt the viewer to further uncover some of my ideas by visiting my blog, once they've checked out my zine.

The pages of the zines are photocopies but with some appropriation in terms of text and drawings. The photocopied, collaged look is a complete opposite to the clinicalness of the shelves and the crispness of my Intervention book but I want to have something that is a little bit more rough and ready. There is a some concealment going on with the text and certain pieces of personal texts in a sort of prevention from revealing the whole nature of the texts which still ties in with my interest in what should be public, private and confidential.

I am creating three small zines which will possibly act as a manual to the series of shelves.

(and yes I did just interview myself, I'm officially losing it)

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