Saturday, 16 October 2010

G. Barber

Went to an in conversation with George Barber who's exhibition alongside Jaygo Bloom opened today at the DCA (entitled The Long Commute/Arcade), a video artist who has worked in low-fi, narrative and found footage.

ABSENCE OF SATAN, 1985, 600"
Art Video by George Barber

Here's some chat in no particular order;

Within Barber's artistic peers there was a general unacknowledged embarrassment about class and status, an attempt to hide ones identity, hence why artists began to look at the materialistic nature of the changing world and commodity and kitsch art became prevalent, artists were representing the world with a British art school sensibility
The freshness to be found in the work of Barber
5mins is about the maximum you can retain a viewers attention for, unless they're a lover of video work in which they may stay at most for 11mins
Birth of Channel 4

SHOUTING MATCH, 2004, 11'10" (Extract)

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