Saturday, 16 October 2010

NEoN Fest

This week the NEoN festival got under way in Dundee, a digital arts festival. It seems relatively unknown by the student body of Dundee but nonetheless it seems pretty spectacular in its conception. I only heard about some of it's activities through a friend because over the past four years it would seem I have become immune to the power of the poster because of their interchangeable nature on the streets of the D and assume that every new poster put up is probably for some hell-hole night club, that's threshold would never be stepped across by my chubby wee feet. I went to the NEoN salon called Digital Curator hosted by Sarah Cook, a curator based in Newcastle and Clive Gillman, the director of the DCA. It was a nice set up, very informal and some really interesting conversations went on amongst the small group of individuals who attended.

Here's some chat in no particular order;

Cease to become victims of our circumstance
Manovich - Language of New Media - made and distributed within the media
elite/elitism - race/racism (the former something integral to a person/the latter something negative and not desired)
The evolution of the video artwork, artists stopped putting edits within their pieces, so the viewer felt as though they had seen the whole piece
Truth is secular
Our digital identities, paramount to be able to filter
Terror of accumulation of knowledge, filtering and learning just what is useful
value of what resides in an object
Better to have a complex identity, than an identity complex
Does new media make you a creator?
People are aligning themselves towards media art practice now
The difference between contemporary art and new media art - contemporary art = art about art - new media art = commenting on the medium and the emerging of media art
Lucy Lippard - Six Years
The way of thinking and how that has transpired in technology, imagine if an African has designed Microsoft?
digital space (blogging, tweeting, flickring) = digital space, like curating but essentially it is not the same
The somewhat curatorial activity of the blogger = taste making - taxonomizing everything
Digital vs. Analogue
We need a technological history of art

(we were there for four hours, hence the length)

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