Sunday, 11 March 2012

some might call it the perfect crime...


Today I moved in to my very own studio. I am now based at Superclub in the centre of Edinburgh as opposed to KnoxYeoman Productions which never really did seem to take off from my parents' attic (just doesn't have a good vibe, I wanna blame the futon but also I did a big vom there last week on the carpet and it will never be the same again). I am sharing the space with my good friend and colleague Claudia. Claudia and I shared a studio in third year together whilst at Duncan of Jordanstone, lived together whilst working as Karla Black Information Assistant's in Venice and currently work at the Fruitmarket Gallery. So hopefully we can continue to work and prosper in creative harmony with many more Cherry Diet Coke breaks in the future.

Since graduating, I have been very vocal about not feeling the need to be creative or have a space of my own but for some reason when I saw the space advertised It felt right. I'm going to use my time there as a grounding for curating projects and I just really wanna make a zine too. I am a woman full of contradictions, only a couple of months ago I was bad-mouthing zines. Geez.

Real nice article about Superclub here, safe to say they have a good vibe.

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