Saturday, 10 March 2012

Experimental Music

I have now worked, on two separate occasions on events that are based upon the above - Berberian's Stripsody. It's a really intriguing score based upon comic strips, both onomatopoeic and physically expressive.


In retrospect, it would seem that my editing of videos to create snippets of unusual sound or music and working with artist's such as Dave Fyan's really opened up the cross-over between music and visual arts in the last year of my degree. Subsequently, I have gone on to work on some really interesting projects such as A CUT A SCRATCH A SCORE, projects such as these prove that aesthetic and audio combined can create a surreal yet qualitative experience for both participants and audience. I hope to continue to learn and work on such fun and abstract events.

To see more Graphic Notation images like the above, go to this great website

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