Saturday, 30 March 2013

Newhaven Station Preview Event

Now that Newhaven Station has come to an end... I thought it about time I posted some images from the Preview.

A major hiccup occurred prior to the event in that the generator stopped working. So emergency tea-lights became an essential requirement for many of the first guests through the door as well as a Limited Edition Newhaven Station Ale! I think this actually worked in favour of the event - it was a great ice-breaker between people as they worked out together where tea-lights should go within the alcoves of the timber structure! It did however mean that when I awoke the next day I was sure we had burned down the historical building (no need to worry though... I was gifted use of the building for a month... and lo and behold it is still standing)!

Lights on briefly!

(Thanks to Anna King and Claudia de la Pena for additional photos)

More images can be viewed here.

We went on to have an After-celebration at The Starbank Inn which most definitely warmed us up nicely after the rather airy experience of our Preview!

Special thanks to The Starbank Inn, Porto&Fi and Giclee UK.

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