Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Newhaven Station Install

This is a mixture of images from our install period which was a little shorter than we had imagined because of circumstances out of our control. We made the most of the time we did have and on the 12th March we had an Open Install Afternoon. This was an opportunity to welcome people into the building, to draw attention to what we were doing and the process in which the artists were working. 

I kept note of all the people who wondered into the building that day on the wall and some of the recollections and thoughts they had about the railway network and the building. A text response by Richard Taylor to the history of this building, inspired by the visitor's who met with us that day can be viewed here.

Temptations for the public... if contemporary art process wasn't enough...

Exterior shots from the balcony of the outhouses from the neighbouring abandoned garage where the railway lines once were.

The next door garage would make for a wonderful exhibition/event in a "Salon" style with a music event, if a small stage were to be created... just need to persuade Ryden Lettings...

Evidence of the Open Install day... a chair cushion belonging to my mother which artist Richard Taylor was attempting to dust crumbs off and instead managed to throw the cushion off the balcony. Mother is now minus one chair cushion and is very aware of that matter.

Half the balcony is still unusable, reiterating The Station's partial restoration.

This is an image of the entrance of the building with the documentation left from Doors Open Day still on the walls. These images and other related research were used to create an ongoing book about the history and development of the space for the exhibition.

Writer Kate Grenyer also came later in the Open Install afternoon to see how everything was coming together, to begin asking questions for her written response - Points Along A Line

We naturally decided to carry this conversation on at the local pub... further allowing the artists and Kate to get a feel for the area...

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