Monday, 28 July 2014

Jamming Symposium Reading

Last Friday I was part of the 12hr Jamming Symposium as part of Studio Jamming: Artists' Collaborations in Scotland exhibition and series of events, 30th June - 2nd August 2014 at Cooper Gallery, Dundee.

I read, as part of the Writers in Residence, a text by Ben Burtenshaw, edited by me:

This text was bridged by the introduction of a new, incomplete text by me:
The table presents the rationale of sharing, however, without the retreat and a fixed seat, thoughts will contract. To conducethere must be the potential to reflect through departure, which in turn, can offer a return which abets the collaborative process. The individual’s seats embody the subject position.

The reading culminated with a reading of Silas Parry's text Bringing Silence to the Table. Silas is a collaborator of mine, it felt appropriate to invite him to respond to our texts as his methodology is aligned with intuition as opposed to analyticism. Silas has written an ode to a painting partnership, looking at maintaining the ability to retreat whilst using the painting process as a shared dialogue or ‘table’:

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