Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Notes from Jamming Symposium

Francis McKee
  • Sees collaboration as acknowledging the one thing you have in common - being assholes.
  • The CCA refiguring to prevent the shutting of the common.
Stine Hebert
  • Capitalism of the self-organised vs. the institution
  • Tate Modern
  • The fashion for the self-organised writing themselves into history through activities such as publishing. Mimicking what institutions do. Framing history.

Reading from Gareth Vile

Maria Lind

Panel Discussion
  • Maria Lind: Love, humour, critique... if you say they're going to occur in a project they probably won't. Curation is only scratching the surface in this speedy time we live in.
  • Question from Maria Fusco: The use of the word coercion in terms of collaboration bothers her, in terms of acknowledging the wholeness and legacy of the activity.
  • Judit Bodor: The problem of ownership in collaboration
  • James Bell: "Co-production" - term accounting for issues of authorship/ownership. Problematising the relationships/positions.

Declaration by Catherine Street and JL Williams

Declaration by Lesser Arts

Reading by Kirsty Hendry and Jake Watts

Reading by Penelope Matheson and Murdoch Matheson

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